Your Shiba Inu

Your Shiba Inu YSHIB is a meme token for those, who missed out on the rise of Shiba Inu. Our goal is to make a nostalgia token based on the Shiba Inu coin, so that people can relive the success story, that the original coin reached. This coin starts with an incredible low market capitalization (300$) giving the opportunity for powerful boost in value, so that the investors can easily multiply their estate.

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Market Cap



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How to Buy Your Shiba Inu YSHIB ?

Follow these steps or join our Telegram group if you need help!

  1. Purchase BNB

    Purchase BNB on any exchange of your choice.

  2. Send BNB to MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Binance Smart Chain Wallet

    Transfer BNB to your MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Binance Smart Chain Wallet address from another wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance).

  3. Swap BNB for YSHIB (Your Shiba Inu) on PancakeSwap

    Enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap for YSHIB. Click Connect Wallet then Swap!

  4. Contract address:


Buy on PancakeSwap

Play To Earn NFT Game

We have started development on our Play to Earn game, which will have a gameplay video coming soon and a demo game will be available before the release of our NFT collection, which will contain most of the code for the live game. The demo game will not yet integrate the Play to Earn system. After the release of the NFT Collection, we will update the demo game so that you can use the NFT characters you have purchased from Your Shiba Inu, as the game will use your own NFT api. After this step, the testing process and the development of a healthy tokenomics will follow. The testing process may be less exciting for you, but it is perhaps the most important step of all, as we want to launch a healthy and long-lived product. Once that is done, we will also implement the Play to Earn system. We will keep the demo game updated and the demo game will become the live game, as we will integrate the P2E ecosystem we have built into it. Our goal is to let the community see all steps of the development. We do not want to hide the status of development from the public.

Tokenomics and about Token

1,000,000,000,000,000 Total Supply

80% Market

10% Team

5% Marketing

5% Giveway

6% Tax

4% Reward to the holders

2% Automatic liquidity

Anti Whale Protection

Image of bot protection

Bot Protection

Image of low fee

Low Fee

Image of Locked liquidity

Locked Liquidity & Contract




Making of the Whitepaper ✔️

Creating social media platforms ✔️

Creating webpage ✔️

Creating/testing the contract ✔️

Metamask Add token function on website ✔️

Adding/locking liquidity ✔️

Stealth launch with bot protection ✔️

Bscscan verification ⌛

Poocoin banner ⌛

Starting international marketing

Coinsniper listing

Dappradar listing

Reaching 10000 Holders

Banner ads on Trust Wallet

100K$ MarketCap




Coinmarketcap listing

Coingecko listing

Releasing Your Shiba Inu NFT pack with 10000 pieces

Preparing staking function

Listing on a stock exchange

Reaching 20000 Holders

Marketcap: 1 million$




Planning the Your Shiba Inu Multiplayer NFT game

Your Shiba Inu DEX launch

Your Shiba Inu Staking with large APY




Listing on a first class stock exchange

Charity for people in need

Creating ShibaPay app

Releasing Your Shiba Inu credit card

Payment option with Your Shiba Inu tokens

ShibaGambling Site with Your Shiba Inu tokens (or with NFT)

ShibaPoker with Your Shiba Inu tokens

ShibAdventure Play to Earn game

Finance listing



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